Welcome!!! I am excited to officially release my website. Thanks for checking it out!!!

As many of you know, I am graduating in May with my Master’s Degree in Adult Education. Part of my Practicum was creating an online knowledge base about a topic I am familiar with – I chose Paleo!

You can find all sorts of information here, which I hope is provided in an easily understood fashion. I hope you enjoy it, and learn a bit about how and why my family and I eat the way we do. I will continue to post blogs so check back in – or sign up!

After checking out the website, I would sincerely appreciate you completing a quick 10 question survey about my site. Its completely anonymous – just click the Survey tab.

The feedback users provide will be included as part of how I evaluate my learning and this project – not how I will be evaluated. So please provide your candid feedback. Your input will help me make the site better as it continues to grow!

Thank you all so much, and I look forward to posting again soon!


Although I haven’t formally published this website, while working on this tonight, I was watching the nightly news. I am thrilled to see that this is getting some attention. Please see the clips below about high salt and high sugar intake, as well as the health of our country’s children. Two things Paleo encourages significantly reducing!!! More posts to come soon!
High Salt
High Sugar – 1
High Sugar – 2
Chubby Kids

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